Alumni Comments

The location spectacular, the music delightful, and the company divine.

--David Jones, folk singer (2007 Workshop)


Dear Jane, Thank you for this fabulous experience. It was wonderful to work with you again and to have the opportunity to sing. You surround yourself with great people, which made my time here all the more special. Good luck with the rest of  your performances.

--Carolyn McCormick, Columbia College graduate (2007 Workshop)


The International Vocal Arts Workshop in Groznjan, Croatia, was an immensely valuable experience. It provided me an escape from all the competing clamours of day to day life, allowing me to focus entirely upon learning music and growing as a musician. An amazing aspect of the program is the way it can be tailored to suit each student's needs and goals. I received complete support and encouragement from the teachers to push myself beyond anything I had previously done and because of this, I was enabled to achieve new heights as a performer. In addition, the sheer range of performance opportunities is impressive. We prepared a variety of international songs to be performed in typical concert format and in street theater, danced improvisational dance and capoiera and also displayed our acting skills. But what really makes Groznjan such an enjoyable experience is the inclusive sense of community. The program not only fostered close relationships between teachers and students, but also between the participants and the townspeople. Groznjan is a place unto its own; if it had only one of these aspects to recommend it, I would still return in a moment.

--Kate Smith, Columbia College (2007 Workshop)


The workshop for me was a many splendored thing: I learned my strengths and weaknesses as a singer, performer and human being. I went on long walks in the sloping hills of the village. I made peace with my surroundings…   I learned to communicate through language barriers. I spent every day in chatter and in song.

I met talented artists--Katia and Robert, Polish stilt walkers, Megha, a Singaporean singer, Igor Paro, who played guitar against the stone facades of homes centuries old, and Olinda, a Brazilian Renaissance man…  Jane is an eccentric force, whose light is ever shining. One cannot help but sing around her, because it is an expression of her joy.

--Tanya Everett, Barnard College graduate, Actress (2006 Workshop)


An average day in Groznjan is filled with much singing, creative exchange with other artists, good food, beautiful scenery, all while living in and enjoying the character and history of a 12th century village. Jane McMahan is very gifted in her ability to teach singers to love their own voices.  She encourages vocal activities that help with vocal development and poetic interpretation without changing the singer's natural singing voice.  She also encourages physical, emotional, and mental health with stretching, breathing exercises, and frequent opportunities to warm up the voice in a solitary and peaceful environment--either outside with the cherry and apricot trees or within one of many private practice rooms. There are also frequent performance opportunities, which provide excellent experience for building confidence.

--Christine Fena, SUNY Stony Brook doctoral candidate in musicology (2005 Workshop)

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